Dear X,

Last week I wrote a letter to Harry’s Razors to complain about the excessive postage on their creamy, delicious shaving gel. I received a courteous response today, informing me that all orders over $10 would receive free shipping. The courteous response was from a man named Larry, who works at Harry’s. I sent a letter in response thanking him for his kind letter, and hoping that my next reply will from Harry’s will come from Gary, and then Mary, and then Carrie, and then Barry, and then Terry, and finally from someone who cannot eat dairy, who stares at the office walls of Harry all day long, and is referred to as ‘Starey’, although not to her face. One mustn’t stare at Starey. Her real name must be Sherrie.  I love sherry. It’s so elegant and sweet.


Ricky (Jerry)


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