Monday, January 06, 2014


Sometimes he wears amazing clothes.
Sometimes he wears super unamazing clothes.
Did we ever use the word ‘super’ before Superman?

Yes. Now. Superman wore a super suit, which was super.
But when he didn’t, his clothes were unsuper.

Some people want it that way. Pay no attention to me,
Superman says, and they say, and yet, in the same sentence, 
it is said, beneath the riddle, beneath the unsuper, Love me.

At this point in the conversation there is an intense need
for something super, but something super, at this point,
does not come. The surprise is what is super. Always. 
Here it comes. Ta-dah! And nothing. It’s hidden in what 
is not there. Which doesn’t mean, don’t look for it. No. 
Look for it. I always say, I enjoy a good microscope 
and a good view of looking for a surprise 
on a moonless night.

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