Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I think the RH sound has a special sound, 
but you wouldn’t know it from perhaps.
There is a part of me that feels perhaps
is part latin, part schnapps, and that it is
contracted, from the original per schnapps. 
Perhaps does not need this added value, 
for it is the lightest and airiest of the words 
we use as travel guides. You know how 
the road ends and there is a perilous drop? 
If you put your foot out, even if your foot 
is big, you will perhaps see a bridge beneath it. 
It is made of wood and a bit creaky, if it is here 
it will get you there, and hey, after all, Rome wasn’t 
built in a day, was it? At least most of it was not. 
So as long as you keep your big feet steady you will 
walk forward, bold and creaky, and the possible of
the sky will be above you and also, ever so truthfully, 
beneath you, too, as long as you don’t look down, 
which I might recommend that you do, or don’t.

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