Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I have two cars and they are both grey and one is named after a planet and the other is named after something called HONDA. Perhaps that was in a John Wayne movie; it sounds familiar that way.

The Honda I call Honda but I have called the other "The Fayemobile" for some time now. That's because I only used it to see Faye. It was my long distance traveler. Not that long a distance, though. Faye was very close, about eighty miles. I saw her every week or so.

The exact length of time that it took to reach her house was one episode of Alec Baldwin's HERE'S THE THING and two or three songs. I often listened to songs of Faye's because that was more fun than anything.

I never listened to her on the way back. If I did, I might have made a U-turn on the highway which is completely illegal.

My question is: how can I ever sell my Fayemobile? I can't see doing that. I shouldn't have named it that. I should have just named it Saturn. We talked about selling all four cars (she had two) and buying a Fiat 500. We were both excited about that. I bet we never would have agreed upon a color, until Faye suggested one and got all excited about it and I would then say "Great!"

Of course I wouldn't be saying it was a great color, just that her getting all excited is great. Still, the girl had wonderful taste, far better than me. Whatever she chose would have been great, so great it would be.

The Fayemobile is covered in sleet. That makes me sadder than ever.

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