Wednesday, October 02, 2013

WELL YOU NEEDN’T (April, 2013)

to Faye

Forgot my wallet
in the rain
on the way
to the store
for laundry soap
while thinking of–
of you

Although I probably forgot it
before I was in the rain
putting on my chinos
looking at your picture and
looking for my keys

Normally I would ride my bike
but it is raining 
delicious, mouthwatering rain
and laundry soap

is what I need
My car is nice and old
I like clean clothes
and I am thinking of, well, you

with no wallet in my hand
foggy hearted and near the frogs
perhaps I will go to the hospital
perhaps I will see you

I am in the store now
It’s daybreak
everyone is courteous
and wearing blue

Your hair is blond
you laugh like a pirate
tonight perhaps you
will fry catfish
my clothes will be dirty
your picture must be you–

You. Good Ol’ –

If I could change a thing
Here we go
If I could change a thing
If I If I

I wouldn’t
I wouldn’t

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