Tuesday, October 22, 2013


After some discussion over a Fresh Market apple pie that had been marked down, we could not come to an agreement about who said the famous quote "Hell is Other People." She said it was Buddy Hackett, but I insisted Buddy would never say that. I knew it had to be Charles Nelson Reilly.

As it turns out, it was Jean Paul Sartre. He was talking about Buddy Hackett and Charles Nelson Reilly, but not Charo, who never said the word "Hell" at all, but instead, "Cuchi Cuchi" which she said in fact quite often.

Once she said "Cuchi Cuchi" to Jean Paul Sartre and he smiled and lit a cigarette and closed one eye, sort of like a wink and said, "Heaven" in French, which just means "Ceiling" in California, and they are very nice ceilings indeed in California–much nicer than France, where ceilings are really hell.

I blame God for all these things except Heaven.

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