Thursday, October 18, 2012


If I were to visit the Ivy League, I would wonder how fast ivy would burn. Let’s say I had a match.

On the Mississippi, I would take out a little notebook and remind myself: 4 Ss, 2 Ps, 1 M.

California is spelled with brown letters. That distinguishes it from the jungle, which is blue-green.

When I traveled through Oregon, I forgot what it was like to be in love with anything but Oregon.

Kansas is abstract. My mind wanders and sprints through states and ends up on the other side.

I have been called a liar often, but only once for saying that broccoli in New Hampshire was blue.

But broccoli in New Hampshire IS blue. 

The other side, over there.

In the Grand Canyon, I would leave my jeep and sigh and I would say: This is grand.

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Anonymous said...

Kansas is a delicate state of being. You're simultaneously in it now and not in it anymore at the same time.

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