Monday, October 29, 2012

In October, I make November plans. I plan on visiting a mangrove swamp in a canoe. 
I will eat a Peruvian octopus in a Peruvian restaurant with Peruvians from Peru. 
I will eat a burger that they flip that they call Flip burgers Lord how they flip so. 
I plan on, but might not will, eat hot flavored popcorn and nuggets at the Cine Bistro. 
I plan on, I really plan on, looking at a museum as one might look at a wolf who is looking at you. 
I will ingest the aroma of Havana through a cigar from Havana, late of Cuba. 
I am afraid of scooters. I will look at the Black Policemen at the Black Policemen Museum.
Stephan Balkenhol, once you put a man on top of large boxes that looked like a skyscraper. 
And you called him UNTITLED. One day I will be that man and you can call him Ricky. Or you can call me Untitled.

This will be November in my life.
I will be in this museum in my life.
I will love this place of months.

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