Saturday, June 23, 2012

Someone made fun of me because I said I would like to have fried clams at HOJO’s for my birthday. Someone said HOJO’s is out of business so you can’t have fried clams at HOJO’s anymore. Nor can you have the Fudgana nor the Tasty Tester at HOJO’s anymore because HOJO’s is out of business. You can’t sit outside HOJO’s and wait for them to open, nor can you laugh while you eat their delicious square pattied hamburgers or do you remember their delicious Chocolate Milk Shakes with whipped cream? Well you can’t have them either and I forgot to mention the Coit Tower that you can’t have along with the Peppermint Stick Ice Cream which is scrumptious and gone for good although there is one thing you can have or at least do at HOJO’s which is you can sit outside where HOJO’s used to be but you can’t wait for them to open because they will never open ever again in a big empty lot in the middle of nowhere and say I am HOJO’s look on my works, ye mighty someone told me once I think it was my wife well ex-wife.

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