Saturday, June 02, 2012

June 1, 2012

I had to make this day worthwhile somehow so I picked up a book called ENGLISH ROMANTIC POETRY. First of all, it wasn’t very romantic. Second of all, it was a paperback. And then when I opened it up the first thing I saw was HAIL TO THEE, BLITHE SPIRIT! which I didn't expect in a book called ENGLISH ROMANTIC POETRY.  I thought HAIL TO THEE etc. was written by Noel Coward, but this book says it was really written by PB Shelley. But what do I know about PB Shelley and Noel Coward. I just know that Shelley died young, Noel Coward died old, and that Noel Coward said witty things and drank cocktails and smoked cigarettes. If I am not mistaken, he also used cigarette holders for his cigarettes. I think they were expensive. And white dinner jackets. Noel Coward had them. And that’s all I know. And oh! Mick Jagger once read Shelley outside in a park. And Shelley had curly hair. And there were a bunch of butterflies. They were white and they died.  That’s about it. So as you can see, this day still isn’t worthwhile. Hail to thee, it says, I have made a mistake and I hate it, even though there's nothing better than a good mistake.

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