Monday, July 18, 2011


Boy, that Richard Widmark could act. But man! he could be nasty sometimes. It’s not normal for a blond guy to be nasty. I think he had to put more juice into it than a brown haired guy. You have to wonder if he went bald. He looks like he could go bald. Hard to tell if he was tan, though.

Everybody loves to kill Richard Widmark. I mean everybody. Especially ladies. Richard Widmark really knows how to die, too. Good thing. He did it enough. Good ol’ Richard Widmark.

and then his body fell limp in the chair.
He was dead.
No, not really, he was just sleeping.
He seemed even nicer sleeping in the chair.
Like Richard Widmark only bald,
and nice. At five it would be time for
dinner and a movie.

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