Sunday, May 29, 2011


Largo threatens Domino with a handful of ice and a cigarette, but neither can understand the other.

Largo is from Italy, Domino is from France.

Largo wears an eyepatch, Domino is Mademoiselle France Mundo.

Isn’t it nice that we can dub voices? Just think about what we would miss.

Now for example, when Largo threatens Domino with a handful of ice and a cigarette, everyone in the movie theater is afraid. They worry about Domino’s safety.

Except Domino who can’t understand what Largo is saying.

Perhaps Largo is offering her a cigarette and a cold drink?

Yes, that would très bon. Merci, Monsieur Largo.

Meanwhile, Largo orders Vargas to do his dirty work.

Vargas doesn’t smoke, drink or make love.

Vargas is a good employee.

Vargas looks at James Bond venomously.

James Bond is now Domino’s lover. They both speak English.

Vargas is bald.

Vargas sneaks up stealthily on James Bond at the beach.

Vargas crouches behind the palm tree a hundred feet away.

Although Vargas speaks English, James Bond chooses to communicate his feelings to Vargas in Italian Pneumatic Speargun rather than English.

Domino gasps in her bikini.

James Bond remains robust in his swim trunks.

Vargas was a good employee.

I wonder who got his last paycheck from Largo.

I hope they spent it on smoking, drinking, and making love.

The good news is: Vargas doesn’t have to worry about being bald anymore.

Alas, now Largo now has to hire someone new.

Largo is beside himself. Largo does not weep for Vargas. No time for that.

Do not weep for Vargas.

Largo needs a new assassin and the clock is ticking.

Largo gesticulates wildly and says Italian things in the busy streets of Nassau.

No one can understand Largo and he is gesticulating wildly. Perhaps the weather is bothersome to him? Perhaps that minty iced drink was delicious? Perhaps he cannot find a decent cab in Nassau?

Signore Largo is increasingly moist and angry.

Where can someone from Sicily go to find a good assassin in the Bahamas?

The weather is actually beautiful in Nassau. The trade winds are gentle and soothing.

People are friendly and relaxed.

Largo is upset.

Vargas is dead.

Domino is in a bikini.

James Bond is still alive. He orders a bottle of Dom Perignon ’55.

Sometimes it’s better that we just say nothing so that we don’t understand each other.

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