Friday, May 27, 2011


I agitated my angular adam’s apple with asexual angina.
I bespoke my bodaciousness with boundless bouncy beauticians.
I catalogued my capo di capi categories with categorical contempt.
I dopamined my deepest dogeared desires with deadly dainty self destruction.
I eulogized my euphonic euphemisms with love, just with fucking love.
I fried my fantasy friend in the phantasmagorical fruity fountain of fear.
I googled my gelatinous goulash in the gazebo of the grand Gandhi.
I hunted my harakiri hairdo with Hints from Heloise in the Houdinis of hopefulness.
I inspected the indecisive infomercial in the incisor of my insightful innermosts.
I jabberwockied my jumpin’ junipers! in the jelly jar of jumbled jamborees.
I kiboshed my kimono kokomo in, of course, the koolness of kinetic Kokomo.
I lumpily leveraged my largess lunacy in lusciousness of lite ‘n limpy Lichtenstein (Roy)
I machoed my mysterious mighty mom thoughts in merry ol’ manly Machu Picchu.
I notarized my naughty nanny’s naked nunchucks in nostalgic numbed-out Normandy.
I ovalized my off-putting only-ovaries in the ovalesque ought-not-to of Orlando.
I personified my potential people skills in piss-poor and pregnant Poughkeepsie.
I quantified my queasy queerness in quality quarks in quack-filled Queens.
I rectified my repulsive repository with randy rosaries in righteously rugged Bella Roma.
I steadfastly denied my saintly stud muffin descent in so-so salacious dementia.
I tundrafied my lil’ tart tomatoes in my very own tawdry tortellini, typically in Italy.
I united my umlat unctuousness with understated underground umbrellas, unveiled.
I vilified my Vegas-voraciousness when it comes to voluptuous vivisection of vigor.
I walloped my wonkies with wisdom and wet and wild willy whimsy-wahoo!
I ...well, an x here and an x there. Then there is always my ex.
I yahooed my yo’ mama with yodels of yesteryear’s yummy yin yang yore-yahoo!
I zestily zip lined my zeal with zarathustras by the zillions in misspelled Zanadus.

I did.

I did.

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