Saturday, March 26, 2011


Is Nilsson Nissan?
No. Nissan is Japanese.
Nilsson is Swedish.

Nilsson’s family were circus
acrobats. Nilsson was a poor
child. So poor. Nilsson ate cat food.

Nissan used to say I am Datsun.
And then Watch me hug the road.
And Nissan hugged the road.

Nilsson had the voice of an angel.
He liked to kiss many girls and
Nilsson then met Una.

Nissan only spoke when spoken to.

Nilsson said to Una: How can I prove
the seriousness of my intent?

I don’t know, Una said. I like melons
I like honeydew melons. And

Nilsson bought Una honeydew melons.
Uma smiled. Will you marry me? Nilsson

said. Una said Sure. Nilsson was serious. 
Una, serious. Datsun seriously said: We 

must recall these brakes. Nilsson said: You 
Must Remember This. Uma kissed Nilsson

Goodbye. Goodbye Una, Nilsson said.
I will remember you, said Uma.
Head held low, Darn it, Nissan said, 
Heck, said Nissan. Recall, Recall.

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