Sunday, March 13, 2011


One thousand men stand in line waiting for a job to paint picture postcards. This is a story that I am making up, but it has to be true. Look at how terrible the Depression was. Think of how desperate people were to get jobs. It’s really easy to find beautiful postcards of flamingos in Florida in 1932 and the Carlyle Hotel in 1938. They are works of genius. The flamingo burns with a red hot flame. Would you go to the Carlyle Hotel? I would go to the Carlyle Hotel. There’s an alligator in sunny Florida. I would love to own them. I would love to own them all. I would love to learn how to paint this familiar flamingo but how can that happen? I tell you: one thousand men stand in line waiting for a job. What is the job? The job is to paint picture postcards of the world just like the one that you would like to be holding right now. An alligator suns himself on a rock in the Everglades. The Carlyle is fancy. What are you waiting for? You must hurry. Flamingos are burning.

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