Thursday, March 10, 2011


On the cover of DUSTY IN MEMPHIS,
Dusty Springfield is covering her face
in surprise. She is surprised that we
didn’t realize how wonderful this
album would be. But we were so
young, so terribly young, how would
we know? Dusty holds out one hand
so that you might kiss it. “I forgive
you,” she says quietly. With the other
hand, she covers her face as well as
she can with one hand. She doesn’t
want you to forget how surprised
she was that you didn’t realize how
wonderful some things can be. Some
things not like Dusty when she is in
Memphis, but “Dusty in Memphis.”

OK. True. Smiles. Smiling. Both
hands over the face. “Please,”
she now says, “take my picture now.”

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