Wednesday, October 13, 2010


People are taking the positions 
that I deserve but have not been 
offered because I lack a degree. 

I woke up and bought a great life 
insurance policy. It protects my family’s 
furture, not future. Furture. My furture.

Animals are my passion. I would like 
a career in that. Although people who 
say Sure, I would love to help you 

are rarely the people that they claim to be.

Three women would LOVE to meet me:

One, Valerie, thinks that smoking cigarettes 
is never OK. 

Laura, on the other hand, 
would love to go to a fancy hotel - or 
perhaps a beach resort? 

Winifred believes that a committed relationship 
is something that she would consider - 
with the right person.  

The problem is, they are all about 50. 
And Winifred is a funny name. It’s not 
a good funny name. In fact it is bad.
Very bad. Very very bad but...
they are who they are.

I just want a proomtion. But how? 
Arline said: I can help you with a

Arline says: nursing offers personal and 
professional rewards that are endless.

I say: I am aware that nursing offers personal 
and professional rewards that are endless.

But I need help, and how. PROOM!

TION! And that I do not have a luck psychic, 
although I would like having one. I think? Now

I await Tara’s celestial wisdom. For example. 
I am appreciative.

I have already forgotten about other worlds. 
I mean, I think I do. Over there.

I am so much a part of this world. For example: 

if I ever became a diabetic, I would enjoy 
complementary diabetic supplements. I am old 

enough to appreciate things that are complementary. 
I appreciate supplements. I appreciate diabetes. 

In the old days, orchards never offered to give you 
credit cards. Today they do. I don’t know how I feel 
about that. I think bittersweet. What happened?

Oh God, eldercare.

On the other hand, my fantasies are tasty and real. 
Triple A ones. But not like the car, it’s like the bra. 

I am thinking of women. I like cars. Thinking of 
women, it makes me sing. Cars sing also.

Ey were in a passion, and o, Goosby Morge says. Sings.

Surely you want you manhood would stay. He sings. Says.

Goosby Morge instructs and informs. Me: Should I go 
to Canada soon? Goosby Morge: YES!


Arline told me that I need more letters after my name. 
That will stop me from being turned down again and 
again from the job of my dreams. No examinations! 
No classes! No textbooks! No examinations! 
No classes! No textbooks! No examinations! 
No classes! No textbooks! 

Arline also told me my name is R. Garet. 

I keep thinking of that chair that holds 
your head with a leather strap and breaks 
your neck in India and Africa with the sun 
so hot and mean.

Now my psychic is here I can feel it.

It's simple

I want a secure life. But people sometimes aren’t 
who they are. Insurance makes you secure. That’s why 
they call it a policy. Arline says: something. I feel psychic.

Goosby Morge says People aren’t who they are. People aren’t people.

Insurance is for everyone who is alive and happy and alive and sad!

Goosby Morge has a good name. 
His name reminds me of the phrase: 
Good Morning.

Good Morning, Goosby Morge.

I can buy a mouse but it will cost me 
38 dollars. But that is a good price, 
these days, for a mouse.

No examinations! 
No classes! No textbooks! 

Your neck in India and Africa, 
with the sun so hot and mean

I mean

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