Thursday, May 06, 2010


Walter fell in love with Mary, and said to her:
from now on, you shall be BETSY.

Mary cried for three days, finally came outside
wiped off her tears with his hankerchief
with the initials WC on it and then said


Walter knew that Winston Cigarettes did NOT
taste good like a cigarette should, but DID taste
good AS a cigarette should.

Although they are funny thoughts

Walter was an anchor. He was painted red,
and weighed as much an anchor does, and
slept in the water like an anchor sometimes
does, but he didn’t do this all the time, as
neither do anchors neither.

Walter once said, “If I must interview a puppet,
then it must be a lion–fiercely strong and
powerful of limb and spirit” – the
top brass of CBS said Sure,

whatever or something like that
and the next thing you know

Walter was interviewing
Charlemagne the Lion, fiercely
strong and powerful of limb,

was Charlemagne, interviewed
as he was by Walter, a great
man and so many things was he

patriot, newscaster, husband,
father, grandfather, non-astronaut

my love life could

use a little opera, Walter said,
and that’s the way it was: Walter’s love

life got a little opera

good for him, Walter C.

all old people should
be so lucky

ask them they will
say yes, that’s it



uh huh

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