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The Kit Kat is the perfect bar. By every sense of the word there is nothing better at all. When you change a bar you run the risk of losing quality, and with the case of the Kit Kat Orange this is exactly what happened. The bar, although tasty, really takes away from the original Kit Kat taste. In fact the orange taste is so overwhelming you can't taste Kit Kat anymore. All it tastes like is orange chocolate with wafers. Part of the greatness of Kit Kat is the subtle taste of wafer, it's completely lost in this bar. If you like the Kit Kat, you might not like this at all.

"And every object that might make me fear
Misfortune to my ventures, out of doubt
Would make me sad..."

–Merchant of Venice


A UK standard 2 finger bar in 2008 packaging

* Kit Kat Original — (different taste & texture in different countries)
* Kit Kat Fine Dark — UK, Spain & Germany variant of Kit Kat Dark Chocolate
* Kit Kat Cacao 61% — Japan — newer version of Kit Kat Bitter with 61% cocoa content
* Kit Kat Sakura (Cherry blossom) — Japan —
* Kit Kat Cacao 72% — Japan — dark chocolate petits with 72% cocoa content
* Kit Kat White Creme — US permanent edition — current version of US Kit Kat White made with vegetable oil based candy coating rather than pure white chocolate
* Kit Kat White — Japan
* Kit Kat Iced Tea — Japan
* Kit Kat Caramel and Salt — Japan
* Kit Kat Kinako (soybean flour) — Japan
* Kit Kat Wa Guri (Chestnut flavour) — Japan
* Kit Kat Green Tea — Japan
* Kit Kat Milky White — Germany variant of Kit Kat White Chocolate
* Kit Kat Mint — UK permanent edition, US limited edition — mint flavoured milk chocolate coating
* Kit Kat Mint Chocolate — Australia — mint green colour wafers
* Kit Kat Apple — Japan
* Kit Kat Orange — UK permanent edition, US, Canada, Japan, Malaysia limited edition.
* Kit Kat International Recipe — Malaysia, Singapore and selected East Asian countries — The chocolate were made from Ghana cocoa beans thus having the tendencies to melt down very easily when compared to Kit Kat Original.
* Kit Kat Café Latte with Hokkaidō Milk — Japan
* Kit Kat Kiwifruit — Japan
* Kit Kat Strawberry — Japan
* Kit Kat Peach — Japan
* Kit Kat Caramac — UK
* Kit Kat Chocolate Overload — Australia — Milk Chocolate outside, chocolate creme filling and chocolate wafers
* Kit Kat Gold — Japan — petits with fudge like covering and dusted cocoa powder on outside
* Kit Kat Noisette (Hazelnut) — Germany
* Kit Kat Lite — India — two finger bar with 50% less sugar
* Kit Kat Carb Alternatives — US — low carb version with 50% less sugar carbs
* Kit Kat Low Carb — UK
* Kit Kat Cantaloupe; Japan
* Kit Kat Pineapple; South Africa
* Kit Kat Cappuccino; Poland
* Kit Kat Triple Berry; Japan
* Kit Kat Mango; Japan
* Kit Kat Azuki (Red Bean); Japan
* Kit Kat Green Grape Muscat; Japan[18]
* Kit Kat Caramel Macchiato; Japan (September 2008)[19]

[edit] Large single finger Chunky bars
Kit Kat Chunky
Kit Kat Chunky and Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter, as sold in the UK (September 2006)

* Kit Kat Chunky — UK, Canada, everywhere besides US, Japan , Hong Kong & India
* Kit Kat Big Kat — Japan & Hershey US version of Chunky
* Kit Kat Big Kat Bitter — Japan
* Kit Kat Black — Turkey — a dark chocolate chunky
* Kit Kat Big Break — UK — extra large Chunky bar
* Kit Kat Chunky M.A.X. (Maximum Appetite Xcitement) — Canada — another extra large Chunky bar
* Kit Kat Chunky White — limited or permanent edition in many different countries
* Kit Kat Cookie Dough — Australia
* Kit Kat Chunky Hazelnut Cream — Germany
* Kit Kat Honeycomb — Australia
* Kit Kat Caramel — US version of Kit Kat Chunky Caramel
* Kit Kat Chunky Caramel — Canada, Australia and UK
* Kit Kat Editions Golden Caramel — UK — same as Chunky Caramel
* Kit Kat Editions Caramel Dream — Germany — another Chunky Caramel
* Kit Kat Peanut butter — UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, — Chunky with peanut butter filling
* Kit Kat Editions Tiramisu — UK
* Kit Kat Extra Crispy — US — Chunky with a six layer wafer
* Kit Kat Strawberry; Australia and raises funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation
* Kit Kat Cookies n Cream; Australia, released in August 2008.

[edit] Other Kit Kat forms and shapes

* Kit Kat Choc'n'Go — France — box of individually wrapped fingers
* Kit Kat Choc'n'Go Dark Choco — France limited edition — dark chocolate coating with caramelised cocoa pieces
* Kit Kat Delight — Italy
* Kit Kat Family Block — Australia — twelve finger family size bar
* Kit Kat Family Block Chocolate Overload — Australia
* Kit Kat I-Stick — Japan limited edition — Creamy bitter chocolate between wafers and dark chocolate coating — two stick format sold in cooler or freezer section of stores
* Kit Kat Stick — Japan — box of individually wrapped long Kit Kat fingers
* Kit Kat Stick Almond — Japan
* Kit Kat Stick Half Bitter — Japan
* Kit Kat Tablet — France — same as Kit Kat Family Block
* Kit Kat Ball — France — bag of round bite-size pieces
* Kit Kat Bites — US, Malaysia &, — similar to Kit Kat ball
* Kit Kat Little — Japan — newer version of Kit Kat Baby
* Kit Kat Pop Choc — UK, Germany, Poland — also identical to Kit Kat Ball
* Kit Kat Kubes — UK — square-shaped miniature pieces
* Kit Kat Chunky — The Netherlands — Bigger size Kit Kat Chunky
* Kit Kat Senses; UK hazelnut praline centred
* Kit Kat Chunky Duo; UK; A little larger than a Kit Kat Chunky Kingsize, and split into two separate bars.
* Kit Kat (Finger size) Almost half the size of a kit kat bar; Pakistan
* Kit Kat Watermelon Minis; Japan[18]
* Kit Kat Black Sugar Minis; Japan[18]

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