Wednesday, April 16, 2008

MY NEW EYE or: ,U MRE RUR, if I am typing in the dark and my fingers are one place off on the QWERTY

You know what’s easy to do? Add up the years that you have lived.

1957 + 1958 + 1959 + 1960 + 1961 + 1962 + 1963 that was the year I lost my first tooth + 1964 I will never forget seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show + 1965 + 1966 + 1967 + Oh who can forget the Monterey Pop Festival +

It’s really very easy but it is time consuming and it’s awfully easy to get distracted. I think I will go clean up my old photo albums and letters and drive a thousand miles to the beach and jump in the water and see how long I can float on top.

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