Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Fannie Farmer's middle name was 'Merrit"

Peanut Butter was originally produced as a health food

Something inside an iPod tells the computer what color it is

Spanish soldiers once believed that potatoes were a kind of truffle

Aristotle said that History is what happened, and poetry is what can happen

"Terminal Velocity" can be used to describe a salad dressing, a rate of acceleration, a trombone of some sort, a treasure map–it doesn’t really matter

Boxing gloves are not a good thing to wear when you are walking with your girlfriend

I didn't know that Goya was deaf

The terminal velocity of a penny is 64 MPH

My neighbor opens and closes her back door 342 times a night

Seriously – I didn't know that Goya was deaf

The two 'L's in the middle of 'hello' sometimes look like feet turning away from you

If your bed is soft, you dream about falling down rather than about punching people in the nose

Speakling of noses, SCHNOZZ may very well come from 'Shnabl,' which is Yiddish for 'beak,' - then again, it may come from 'nozzle.'

I think that Jackie Gleason and Art Carney were good friends and cared for each other, but I can't understand why Art Carney didn't tell Jackie Gleason to stop smoking six packs of cigarettes a day. Then again, maybe he did.

Goya wasn't always deaf. He got sick, and then deaf.

If you really love someone and you tell them that famed artist and director Julien Schnabel's really name is Julien Nozzle, they will laugh, kiss you, and hold your hand all the way home unless you are wearing a boxing glove on that hand, and even then, maybe still.

PS 343 times

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Anonymous said...

Because you refused to wear the gloves, I'm dating this guy now:

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