Friday, April 04, 2008


Through the magic of Adobe Illustrator Live Trace Function, I have been able to restore my 1999 sketches to their original clarity while preserving their inherent elegance and natural sheen.

Exhibit A (above) is an original restored sketch of famous French poet, Blaise Cendrars*. Restored here, he looks so alive you practically expect him to jump off the page and ask you for a sou.**

* A desperate French man, often down on his luck. Don't ask about what happened to his arm.

**French currency, ca 1789. Or an 'écus' or 'golden louis' ***

*** I know, funny, right? Imagine the fun you could have making a joke about women of easy virtue and golden louises. That would be fun, for sure, and easier than 'sou' jokes.****

**** A sou, again, French currency, a long way back. Not Southern Oregon University or the State Of the Union or this guy whoever he is for pete's sake:

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