I always thought that the idea of making a sequel of anything must be about the most terrifying thing in the world. Will it be better? Will it be worse? Are you going to dash expectations with something of a lesser meddle? Of course, then, also, there is the fear that one has writing the volume prior to the sequel. Will it meet expectations? Will it exceed them? Are there expectations? If there are, what happens if they are met, or exceeded, and then, well, we are back to the problem of sequels.

And then of course, once the sequel is said and done, you have to do something else. I am not even sure what that's called. It's that once-removed thing for which grandmothers show such an aptitude. I won't trouble you with all the machinations that occur at that point, because I am straying from the solution to the problem that I haven't really fully articulated yet.

So, rather than articulate the problem, here is the solution: why not bring out three books all at once and then stop and go snorkeling? I read a wonderful article today about Curaçao–it sounds breathtaking. Really, it seems to be the jewel of the Caribbean and I think we should all pay it a visit quickly before, well, the sequel comes out.

The following three books will soon be available to my nice friends:

MAKE IT WAVY (the original)

MAKE IT WAVIER (everything that didn't fit in MAKE IT WAVY)

MAKE IT LONG AND WAVY (everything that didn't fit in either MAKE IT WAVY or MAKE IT WAVIER because these pieces are really Chatty Cathies if you know what I mean.)


The Author of Wavies

all artwork, including monsters but not old timey photographs,
® mr. crispy flotilla, 2007


Anonymous said…
Hi Ricky,

I like that graphic. For the first ever so long that I looked at it, what I saw was the glowing orb with a tarry goop flowing down as if on a pane of glass. Then, presto I saw wavy mountains against a black sky. Sort of like that young woman, old woman perceptual test drawing. It keeps shifting for me.


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