this is another recipe that I used, much to the pleasure of my friends and in some fashion I think this might be chronicled throughout the ages, much like Ramses ll or a variety of the conquests of Alexander the Great:

cherry*gooseberry chutney: a modicum
red wine: make sure it’s the best!
black pepper: some black pepper
rosemary: a little bit in your hand

mix them all up and do not use too much red wine because that will make this sauce moribund. use this sauce on finely julienned carrots or perhaps a springtime pasta, you know, with parsley and pine nuts within. when confronted by this recipe, andre, having recently spent three years in spain, queried: ‘what is a gooseberry?’ I laughed and laughed. And then I told andre: ‘you mean, you’ve never heard of a gooseberry?’

the things that andre then told me about spain:

there are octopuses
they are extremely tasty
galicia is mountainous and savage
as for running water: forget it! (¡Olvidalo!)
txakoli is a slightly spritzy white aperitif wine from navarra
pais pasco (‘basque country’) is also an after dinner drink made with juniper berries
spanish women are very latin
idiazabal is a sheep milk cheese that you can buy at dean and deluca
you can buy cherry*gooseberry chutney at dean and deluca (see above recipe)
membrio is a layer of quince tree that is served with idiazabal
I’ve never heard of gooseberries
that’s a nice shirt you’re wearing
eventually you get used to octopuses

all artwork, including monsters but not old timey photographs,
® mr. crispy flotilla, 2007


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