My favorite squares are the ones you see on the trampoline as you are about to touch it with your feet.

My favorite circles are the circles that are made by Vitamin B6 tablets.

My favorite pens are the fuzzy topped ones that look like ice creams cones if you see their shadows on the wall.

My favorite grandfathers are the ancient grandfathers from Constantinople or the fuzzy haired rock stars from the ’70’s when they become grandfathers after they settle down.

My favorite name is Vitalis.

My favorite smell is Vitalis.

My favorite crutches are made of maple wood and smell like breakfast cereals with milk.

My favorite guns are ones that are owned by people named Ed.

My favorite color is Tutti Frutti, said really slowly.

My favorite candy bar was made by the Mennonites in the 17th century and consisted mostly of flax seed and millet and apples and hominy and secret ingredients.

My favorite time is the time you find on a clock.

My favorite lock is made out of hair that looks like a real lock.

My favorite church is the one with the tricycles and helmets and boxes of Goobers.

My favorite President is George Washington, Sr.

My favorite time to say “Señor” is when I am praying real loud in a barn.

My favorite peanut butter sandwich has a base note of cassis and lavender.

My favorite mustache is chopped off and in a box labeled “fresh minnows”

My favorite perfume says Parfum on it.

My favorite music I can’t tell you about.

My favorite Atom Bomb was in a cartoon.

My favorite word is why not.

My favorite wrecking ball is made of peppermint. And steel.

My favorite place in heaven is the gift shop.

My favorite termite dances just like Christopher Walken.


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