I saw a man in a light pink shirt resting against a fire hydrant.
Big deal, you say. And you’re going to write about it?
Yes I am. Because this man, who I now think of as Pinky
Oh by the way I should mention I saw him while riding my bicycle

This man, Pinky, smiled at me which people do sometimes as they pass by
Although in this case I was on my bicycle so I was passing by quite quickly
And yet in this tiny amount of time he smiled and nodded three times

Which made me think we must be in agreement about something I mean he nodded
But what? I know that before I passed him by I smiled back at him and so I think 
That we were both in agreement that rather than look at the ground as I passed by
We would both look at each other and smile and that we both were thinking Hey! ‘

This world isn’t so bad! In fact, standing here as I am, and going by quickly as you are
It’s quite a good world! Which is something worth at least three nods and a pink shirt

A fire hydrant and maybe even a movie and a make-out session with someone you love
 Also – did I mention the bicycle? 


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