Everyone who wants to go to Charlottesville says that.
Even the people who live in Florida.

And they have porpoises and sea cows and grass.
But Charlottesville has all those things.

They have pictures of them in their very great university.
It was founded by Thomas Jefferson who once said:

“If everybody is smart, then everybody is smart” although
some people disagree with that. And say: “...then they
are stupid.”

But they are stupid. Also in Charlottesville.
You will find many brick buildings and pianos.
And vinegar and hills.

There are cool rivers that refresh you.
As they did the Founding Fathers.
Who had no desire to go to Florida.

Let’s go to Charlottesville! They said.
They wore white hats and breeches.

And were ready to go.
But they were already
there they were.

Let’s go, still, they say
and want to.


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