I am trying to decide what I learned from building blocks. 

I am very glad that they weren’t painted.

I enjoyed how that they were so big.

I built many things.

And then I knocked them all down.

I played with them for many years and don’t remember a thing I built.

I remember knocking them down.

I remember the sound of knocking them down.

And saying Ta dah!

And I Like Ike!

I don’t remember what they looked like after I knocked them down.

Or what they looked like when I build things with them.

I remember what wood sounds like on a terrazzo floor.

I think I learned how to love music with building blocks.

Especially symphonies.

Today I love symphonies.

I love them so much.

And empty houses.

And building blocks.

And falling things.

I do not love paint.


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