Thursday, November 05, 2015

A thought should start off in one place and end in another. In between, it has to take steps, one after another, as you might on a staircase. But sometimes one step takes you to another staircase, and that staircase takes you to a craggy mountain ridge, and that mountain ridge descends into a icy pool of water that takes you to an elevator that is broken, and that elevator stays right where it is for a long time and you are inside that elevator that Cleveland Hastings inspected in June of 1995, and after a while, you feel as though you know Cleveland Hastings quite intimately, and would like to share your new friendship with Cleveland Hastings with everyone who lives outside your elevator, but you know that will never be, pressing your finger many times on a round bright red button, that is not your thought, a round bright red button is not a thought, but it is something and it is nice to touch and it is soothing to watch but it is not a thought but it is all you can think about, after all, this is what happens to many thoughts.

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