Wednesday, July 29, 2015


A movie about a piano tuner of earthquakes.

Something like “Inside the Cosmos” or “Inter-Cosmos” or “Enter the Cosmos”  (I don’t speak German.)

Something about a woman with hungry eyes (who wears a metal snake bra.)

Something like “The Women of the Woods” or “Les Trees of Boulogne” (a place in France?) (I don’t speak French.)

The Terrible Infants. (That one was really easy even though it was in French.)

Santa Claus (in Mexico where he goes on vacation and meets Merlin the Wizard  and there’s a magic sleeping powder and everyone hates Santa Claus everywhere but hopefully Merlin will help him probably with the magic sleeping powder.)

A movie about Marlon Brando (something about his method conundrum.) Handsome!

A big-boned lesbian leader of a She-Mob who wears a cone bra (another movie with bras.)

A movie about Alcofibras who makes a woman appear in a goblet and they stroll through the beautiful fake woods in 1903.

A movie about having no breath and being in love in France and being really beautiful and dashing.

A movie about killing Joan of Arc because she made someone angry even though she was pretty.

When I was little they said that computers would be smarter than me. I think they are now.

know I rely upon them for everything, from plane fares to Utah to making the perfect piece of toast.

Why should I see these movies? I wish the computer would tell me. But instead it’s as quiet as a mouse. 

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