Tuesday, July 21, 2015


The first time I drank Iced Tea it was Iced Coffee. I had run three miles cross country and I walked into the dining hall hot and thirsty and wanting Iced Tea. I was very young, so even though I was warm and tired I was healthy and filled with energy. I poured a glass of Iced Tea from the silver beverage dispenser and took a sip and spat it out and said ‘That’s Iced Tea’?? And someone said 

No, that’s Iced Coffee. Someone older and smarter who realized I was young and thirsty and hot and filled with energy but stupid about almost everything and inexperienced too but this person was patient and wise and understood that someday I would be wise and relaxed and reflective and patient and contain no energy whatsoever and so they smiled at me as I stood there with a glass of Iced Coffee that I was spitting out everywhere and they gazed upon my visage with great understanding and affection and compassion and concern and yet in spite of this poignant memory I completely forget who that great person was and if it was a man or a woman and if it was a man if he had furry eyebrows and if it was a woman if she was nice looking or whether it was something in between who was somewhat nondescript and that’s that. That’s how old I am now.

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