Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I intended to go to work today, but just as I started to leave the house, an interesting looking old lady walked her dog across the street and towards the First Baptist Church. When she entered the front entrance and I could no longer see her, I walked out the door, but just then, a little boy kicked a soccer ball towards the pool, but not very far, because he was small and weak. Perhaps he was the old lady’s son. Or grandson. Soon the ball stopped rolling and I began to walk towards the car until I heard the sound of a Beethoven Symphony in the air. It was quite beautiful, and fairly long, and so I didn’t move until the end of the Fourth Movement, about twenty minutes roughly, and then I began to weep, but only as an exercise for my acting class, which I would be attending the following June, and which often would ask that I weep for them. With that in mind, I decided to go back into the house and check my bank balance, as the classes would prove to be expensive, too expensive if you ask me, but as soon as I went on the computer, somebody turned on the radio and there was lightning. I heard a car honk. I wanted to check the weather but the lights went out. A baby in a blue wraparound started to scream. I thought it would be fun to play the saxophone. I used to speak French. The lights went back on and I saw a picture of beautiful old decrepit baths in ancient Russia. I imagined myself in such a bath. They looked so beautiful that I fell asleep and dreamed. I dreamed I was at work. I had a dictionary. I was clean and old and weak. I dreamed I went home.

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