Tuesday, June 23, 2015


When the fortune teller told me that something beautiful was about to happen in my life, and the dark green parts of my heart would soon turn to spring, I felt relieved and excited. If only every fortune teller told that to everyone who walked in their door, it would be wonderful for everyone who walked in, and everyone who ever met everyone who walked in. People would wake up every day and look upon each occurrence in a new way: that cashier smiled at me. The mailman has a package. There is someone sitting in my chair. The bartender says “No Charge.” The melody begins in C. It is almost my birthday. The band plays a waltz. The sun doesn’t seem to want to set. What does it mean? It means that something will happen. You can feel it. If nothing happens, it’s even more wonderful. That means that something is about to happen. You can feel that, too. Don’t worry if the sun sets today just as it normally might. Don’t worry if the cashier frowns. Just wait. Just wait  a little longer. Just wait as long as you can.

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