Sunday, September 21, 2014

from FRED (1998)



fred decided to buy flowers. He bought 
three orange carnations and one pink carnation 
and then couldn’t decide to whether or not 


to buy irises or babybreath with the carnations. 
Neither seemed right, and the worst thing 
in the world, fred told me later, is


to buy flowers that you don’t need 
for reasons you can’t figure out. 


Just as fred begin to say this, a shudder 
ran down my spine. I was looking at 
the church across the street and 
reading a magazine. 


“To excite enthusiasm, a design must 
suggest pace and gesture, evoke 
a moving body; it must be alive,” said 


Christian Dior in 1986 while a woman 
in an ad held a flower pot filled with
one really big crystanthemum. 
She was laughing while people ran by 
her but she really looked scared 
to death I told fred. 
fred agreed and didn’t buy 
a single flower. 


On the way out, fred stole 
a box of candles.

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