Sunday, September 21, 2014

from BEE STINGS (2009)


“Come to Gath!” the Philistines once said. “It is quite charming and recherché and there is much to do there that you will find diverting and enriching!”

“Come to Gath!” once said the Philistines. “It is one of our five principle cities. You will be enchanted and charmed. Peerless Gath! There is no equal to the peerless Gath!”

Those who listened responded with incredulity, and rightly so. Hence the old adage:

“Do not believe the Philistines who entreat you partake in Gath with false renderings of Gath.”

And with it, Gath was swallowed up like a marzipan trifle, circa 400 AD or so. 

The truth? Gath: butt-ugly.

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