Saturday, August 02, 2014

I am going to walk out into the rain to the market because if I stay inside nobody is going to say anything funny to me.

Outside at the market, the lady said she had never eaten a Green Zebra.

Outside at the market, the owner told her workers that the watermelons were Charleston Grey. Her workers said: “Grey?”

Outside at the market, I saw a tomato that said “Blu Beef Tomato.” I thought they meant Bleu. I though the tomato was French. But really, the L was ‘i’ and the U was ‘g’ so it was a Big Tomato. The tomato looked almost like Maurice Chevalier. But when I discovered that there is no such thing as a Bleu Tomato, he looked much more like Eric Estrada.

Outside at the market, I said Hi, my name is Ricky, and she said, Hi, my name is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ but I turned around and didn’t hear what her name was. Suddenly, I was surrounded by Emergency Medical Technicians and big tomatoes.

And peas and corn.

And blueberry watermelon popsicles.

And a woman saying “Would you like a blueberry watermelon popsicle?”

Outside at the market, the EMT said: Fewer people beat each other up in this county than, you know, the one next door.

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