Sunday, May 25, 2014

Paulo Coelho said “Love is an untamed force.” 
Whether it was because I was tired, or because 
I love music, I read “Love is an untamed opera.”
Truly, though, everyone loves music; everyone 
is tired. However, not everyone loves opera. Love,
I feel, is the ability to say: I love opera. I imagine 
in a way you must feel untamed, or unable to be
tamed, to say such a thing. In a perfect world, 
you will discover someone who doesn’t like opera,
but forgives you anyway, for everything, and he, 
or she, will say to you: I never think about being 
tamed. I once did, but that was long ago, 
and then I met you. And I never thought about
meeting you again.

You know, my love, force is a word. Opera isn’t. 
That’s what it means to be loved. To love you.
I love opera.

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