Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I kicked over the box filled with miniature lamb, wise men, donkeys and baby Jesus at the yard sale. I hate writing the word Jesus because it seems like an easy one to write for a quick joke (think ELVIS, BARBIE, ZSA ZSA) - but I want to tell you what happened yesterday along with what did not happen, and this is what happened.

When I kicked over the box I waited to hear You break it you buy it but instead I heard Don’t Worry It’s Just Jesus I asked How much? And I heard I could never sell Jesus. This is all just one big goddam Jesus joke, I cried and

I left in tears and came back with my checkbook only to discover she couldn’t sell Jesus, but she could give him away, which she most certainly did.  I spent an hour or two in the grass looking for baby lamb. Finding baby lamb in the grass would make everything better. I must find a lamb or two before it rains, because it is going to rain.

This is what happened, and then, what did not.

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