Monday, July 29, 2013

In a dark field filled with candles,
Agave read from the Upanishads. 
There were tree frogs everywhere
but no guns. There were trucks.
Since there were candles but
no fires, there were people
but in a dark field filled with
darkness. And three guitars
playing What Is Life. Funny,
not that question, but funny
that the same man who wrote
What Is Life also wrote Beware
Of Darkness. What is Life?
Beware of Darkness. This 
dark field says what life is,
which is, Watch Out. But

Not now. Wait. This warm feeling
of everyone in a dark field smiling 
wants to say:

Nice candles. Nice life.
Even though we are here
for a terrible thing, everything
else is simply OK. Don’t worry.
Stay OK. 

for faye 

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