Monday, July 29, 2013


I sent a complaint letter to a very important person
and it was twenty pages long and it was front to back
typed and single spaced. I used my best vocabulary but
I did better than that. I looked up words that I didn’t know
just to use words that were more powerful than things that
I did know. This must never happen again to anyone ever
was my complaint, but I used everything in my power
to make it harder to understand and harder to pick up
and harder than ever to do anything about. Why did I 
do that? My heart was there and I was young, but the
intern was young, too, and he read the letter or at least 
tried to a little, finally gave you and threw it away on his way to the enchilada that he ate every day at the little place with the umbrellas, far away from work and trouble and all that we know now.

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