Tuesday, April 23, 2013

HOW TO TELL TIME: a little golden book review

I learned how to read time 
by reading How To Tell Time.
The cover was black and there 
was a golden Gruen Watch
in the center. The Gruen Watch 
had hands you could turn 
as long as you want until they fell off. 
They didn’t have to fall off but sometimes 

they did. The best thing to do with 
How To Tell Time was to walk around 

the clock and see all the interesting things 
you could see. You could see five 

little pictures of one little boy and one little 
picture of one little girl as they had various 
adventures around the clock. 

If you walk clockwise, you see the little boy 
wakes up and  puts on a yellow shirt and looks 
at his sundial and it is something o’clock and 

his tabby kitten purrs under the shade 
of the sundial. Then you see the little boy 

puts on a white shirt and ties his shoe 
while sitting on the world and a red 

and white striped candle burns down slowly 
and regularly. Then the little boy changes into 

a red shirt and reads a book in front of his desk 
without moving his lips until he puts on a green shirt 

and this time a blue cap so that he can run and run 
in the sun until he is so hot that he takes off all his clothes 

and jumps in the water and smiles because he is naked 
and timeless in the water is it the beach is it a lake is it 
pool is it a stream is it a pond is it a swamp? Well, there is 

a little girl playing  with a bucket in the sand wearing pink 
and so it is a beach. There is a little star next to her. 
The star is lightyears away from me now. 

Don’t be sad Me! Look! Then there is a little boy again 
in a yellow shirt looking at his sundial and his tabby cat 
is purring again and soon he will put on a white shirt again 
and tie his shoe,

again. Did I mention he is wearing blue pants?

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