Thursday, August 02, 2012


The Poof Pop: a kind of lollipop that’s braided. It curls inward like a snake that is sleeping, only it’s braided, which snakes are not, unless they are Poof Pops. 
Imagine having the life squeezed out of you by a Poof Pop. The braids are yellow, pink and white. The ribbons on its neck are sky blue and royal purple. “Snake!” You exclaim, towards a Poof Pop.
But you say that snakes don’t have necks. This is true. But I only said that the Poof Pop is curls inward, in a concentric fashion, like a snake. Yellow, pink, white. Sky blue, royal purple.
Having the life squeezed out of you by it is something you can imagine. Your days are free and you can think about it all day. At dinner you can eat something sweet. Soon you will be gasping for life.
The Poof Pop costs $2.99. Snakes probably cost thousands of dollars. They aren’t sweet, snakes. Why do people spend so much money when they are alive? On things?
Why don’t people spend no money and just eat things that are sweet for dinner? For example: stolen Poof Pops.

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