Sunday, August 07, 2011


I hate Mexico.
Hershey’s has moved
from Pennysylvania.

I love Pennsylvania!
Guess where Hershey’s
is now? Monterey.

Monterey, Mexico.
I hate Mexico.
Do you know those

commercials where
you are skiing down
snow capped mountains

eating a York Peppermint
Pattie? Well, now you are
in Mexico and your Peppermint

Pattie is filled with dust and
smells of burros viejos
and you are dreaming

of snow capped mountains
and chocolate that hasn’t
melted in your ski glove

and chocolate kisses
and skiing on mountains
with snow on them

and then for some reason
your parents are telling
you to hurry up and

get in the car so we
can go to Burger King
before they died

1 comment:

richard said...

Well, hell! No more hersheys for me!

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