Monday, August 08, 2011


Yves Tanguy is the only guy in the world who
was a surrealist and looked like a surrealist.

Except for Man Ray
and Kurt Schwitters
and Hans Arp.

Salvador Dali looked just like Salvador Dali.

And Max Ernst was a surrealist but he looked like
a super male model. And you know what? Max Ernst
just got better looking every year. Mmm Mmm Mmm.

And poor, poor Yves Tanguy just looked more surrealistic
every year. Eventually all that was left was one big old
broad swatch of hair sticking out and one broad old
swatch of blue that made everyone in the museums
point and say WHAT? in certain languages.

If the surrealists taught us anything, it was that
you can be polite on the surface of the moon,
guns are filled with pink feathers, and its’ perfectly
OK to wear half a mustache to the ball.

Max Ernst could say this: You may say that
everything is handsome.

I feel bad about Yves Tanguy.

But Max didn’t say that - he was too handsome.

Max said: I am too handsome.

Man Ray
and Kurt Schwitters
and Hans Arp
didn’t say:

I am too handsome.


I feel bad about Yves Tanguy.

No, I said that.

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