Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I don’t think that the Shandy
is named after Tristram Shandy,
but it is beer and chilled
ginger beer. In Germany,
it is known as a Cyclist.
The Turbo Shandy has something
called alcopop in it, while
elsewhere, perhaps Slovenia,
it is a Red Witch.

Berlin speaks of weisse
or wheat beer with a ribbon
of alcohol, while Bavaria
reveals the goat stein,
with weizen beer and cola with
a shot of cherry schnapps. Dr.

Pepper Shandy has a bit of
amaretto and The Tango is
mixed with Brause. Argentina is
fond of Fanta, but they are not
the only ones: Chile’s Fan Schop
by definition uses Fanta, but unlike
Argentina, it is orange. Meanwhile,

When Spain speaks of Clara, it is no one
you know: it refers to beer mixed with sweet,
clear carbonated lemonade. It can be called
Panache in France, but only Spain speaks
of sweet, cold, clear lemonade. And Spain
says nothing of Panache, but France certainly
does. And when I moved to France and got

myself married, I had no children, but I was
happy. Happy I tell you. I made the right decision
and I am happy I went.

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