Tuesday, December 14, 2010

THE FIRST ANNUAL CRISPIES AWARDS: PART I: that which struck my fancy in the biggest ever way over the course of this year

Eula Biss, via the exquisite Molly Gaudry:


"I think of a married person as a kind of specialist. It's tempting to have faith in specialists--to assume that barbers know the essential properties of hair and have studied it so thoroughly they can predict exactly how it will fall. But not all barbers are experts or artists or scientists of hair. More often they are just people, not particularly interested in hair, who somehow ended up working with it. One hairdresser mentioned to me, while he cut my hair, that he was considering turning the salon into a burger joint. He wouldn't mind flipping burgers, he said, he just wanted to be doing something with his hands. It's possible, I suppose, that all those married couples are just people, not especially interested in intimacy, who somehow ended up married."

-Eula Biss, The Balloonists

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