Monday, June 14, 2010


Boy, today is a depressing Sunday. I looked at my new Cowsills album and realized that for all the happy fun butterscotch days the Cowsills were having, it looks like they were living in a mobile home. I tried to look it up to see if they were really living in a mobile home but all I found out was that Mom smoked since she was twelve and promised herself a new dress for every Cowsill performance and died at 56 and Dad dropped out of school in the seventh grade because his Dad was an alcoholic and his Mom was turning tricks in Ohio and he died of leukemia. And now their ashes are together, sort of, in the ocean off the Baja Coast. But before they were incinerated, it looks like Mom was serving Pullman Loaf bread and pancakes to her kids in the mobile home. Later, kids would break into their home and pour syrup all over their instruments and throw them in the swimming pool. Oh, this was in California. I guess they moved from Ohio to California. So at least they had a swimming pool for a while. But all they really wanted to do was perform Beatles’ songs all day. And Bob Cowsill appeared on ‘The Dating Game.’ And Bill, also known as Bud, was so awful with the drugs that Marilyn Manfra wrote a song for him called DON’T DIE BILLY. Then he died. From ‘a number of ailments.’ Rich Cowsill’s favorite Beatle song was ‘Yesterday.’ As I said, this was depressing, even for a Sunday.

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