Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Although I never ever say "I must read Andre Gide", today I did. Today I thought I must. It's all because of those legs pointed all wrong, and garmented in yellow. Of course when I thought about it, I thought that he might just be in the shadows – yellow can be a shadow, too, and I think that he is in the shadows here.

But that makes no sense, either! After all, you get pretty cold in the shadows because there is no light and there is no warmth and there is no heat. And yet his legs are pointing all funny! I mean, he isn't wearing a hat. Everybody else is.

Thank God for the choo choo train. It says "You can go wherever you want to." It's going from left to right. It wants to go to the right. It wants to run over 75¢. And more, in Canada.

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