Friday, April 30, 2010


smoked a cigar.
always with the cigar
was Nick. He slept
with a cigar in his
mouth. He never
burned down the
house once with
his cigar always
in his mouth. That’s
Nick all right with
his cigar.

Have a look at this
here. Here’s Nick
you see with a bingo
card in one hand, a box
of cookies from Moravia
in the other hand
and in between
his cigar his friends
yelling BINGO
in bowties scared
of Nick because well
it was Nick I mean
this Nick he’s a scary
guy what more can I say

and then
also there
was his

his unburned down
house, not pictured

it wouldn’t dare
burn down not
with Nick around
with his cigar this Nick–
he was a scary guy
with always the cigar.

Thank you, Molly Gaudry

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