Friday, February 05, 2010


I feel like I am sitting on a bench looking out at the sea, such loneliness appears when I think about the semicolon. I haven’t seen one in years – where did they go? I dare not mention this to anyone because usually what happens is someone will say “What do you mean? They’re everywhere!” Which has not been my experience: they are, at best, nowhere at all. It’s not that I haven’t looked: I have. But I am or have been one of those he looks but 'he does not see' types, he who savors the indelicate fashion of folly.

You can watch me if you want. Or you can join me. I am still looking. I enjoy the company, but frankly, you might very well end up as sad as me by the end. But it may be different for you. It certainly is for me. Please join me, won't you?

And so I dedicate this reflection to the semicolon and its seekers, a reflection replete with commas, dashes, and several periods – everything known to man, why, even regular god-fearing colons too, even dashes, like this one – and hyphens, like this: the semi-colon, clearly, nowhere to be found, at least not here, not by my hand, walking along the punctuations of the loneliest and most exciting of seas, with you by my side.

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